Meet the Parents

Welcome to Daisy’s Doodles.  Daisy is a First Generation Goldendoodle.  She has a white Poodle mother and red Golden Retriever father.  Daisy and Brown have decided to have a litter of puppies.  Brown is a white and brown pure-bred Poodle.  We are a family who has fallen in love with our Goldendoodle.  Her loving and sweet personality made us believe she needed to experience motherhood at least one time.  So we found her Mr. Brown and together they had 8 adorable black puppies!  We have 2 baby girls and 6 baby boys!  If you are interested in adding a member to your family who will bring lots of love and laughter, please contact us!


Cell:  775.745.0897 (Rick) or 77.835.1352 (Amber)    Email: